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Handmade Bridal Bouquets

STARTING price $150





Cinnamon/Rose Scented

$7.50 Single

$35 Half Dozen

$65 Full Dozen



Handmade Coffee Filter Roses

$7.50 Single

$35 Half Dozen

$65 Full Dozen



1) Keep and treasure them FOREVER.  Unlike real roses, these roses need no preservation to be able to keep them.  Plus display them in your home all year long.

2) They won’t WILT or need WATER before your special occasion and/or all year long.

3) An endless array of COLOR possibilities.  With real Roses, you are limited to what shades are grown naturally (or dyed artificially.)  When using these roses, you can match dress shades and other swatch colors of decor aspects almost exactly.

4) Go GREEN! Recycle materials from coffee filters 

5) No sneezing!  If you, or someone you know, suffer from ALLERGIES, this could be the way to go! 

6) It’s always in SEASON! Roses can be pricey especially when you are looking for them out of season. 

7) Get your MONEY-WORTH! Why spend money on something that will die and be trashed within a few days.  These roses are very much realistic, unique and great conversation starters.

Best of all, they are completely CUSTOMIZABLE!

Amber C Lindsey

Amber C Lindsey


A Spokane, Washington native and single mother of two.  Her motivation to build this business began with her passion for art and love for people.  Roses are natures artistic expression of love and beauty to be appreciated by all.  Her roses have not only brought smiles to the faces of her customers, but more importantly her roses have created a huge impact on lives by providing donations towards many charities.  Live on Coffee and Roses was brought to fruition in early 2015 and has since served hundreds of fans across the U.S.

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These roses are hand made and durable that will last forever. They’re great for any occasion that you might have, with no regrets of quality or perfection!

Tito Barboza Jr.

Absolutely beautiful work! Will continue to order for years to come!!

Kat Hartsell

These are the best ever! You will be so happy to give or receive these awesome flowers. So beautiful and such a talented artist!!!

Marlene Lindsey

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